The showreel package consists of two emotionally contrasting scenes, shot in different locations. We shoot the scenes with professional equipment with an experienced, actor-friendly director who specializes in shooting the showreel format.

The following list covers the main items included in the showreel package:

  • Provision and selection of appropriate showreel scenes

  • Advice on preparation and relevant costume choices

  • Sourcing and securing locations

  • On-set rehearsals

  • Editing, sound and colour grade of finished reel

  • Export of final reel to YouTube/Spotlight friendly format

All scenes are shot using professional equipment with an experienced, actor-friendly director and videographer.

The ScreenEnsemble package includes:

  • One scene, of up to 2 minutes in length, chosen by the 2 participating actors (please feel free to select from our script resource, if helpful).

  • A full edit, sound mix and colour grade.

  • A version of the scene in a YouTube/Spotlight friendly format, as well as a copy of the full resolution file.

Package price per person: £300 inc. VAT. 


Please note:

  • Each scene must consist of at least 2 actors (unless a monologue).

  • We are able to shoot up to a maximum of 2 scenes per day.

  • Scenes are shot over a 3 hour period. All scenes include on-set rehearsal.

  • Locations will need to be secured by the actors involved. Advice will be given regarding appropriate locations.

  • Actors should provide their own costumes and props. 

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required on booking a showreel scene slot, with the remaining £150 to be paid up to 5 days before the shoot.

For any other questions or comments, please click on the contact button above. 



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